Monday, 18 November 2013

Hold my hand...

TASK Hold your own hand and see where it takes you. Caress it, feel it, imagine you are the receiver or the giver of the holding - how does it feel? Begin with the words "The warmth of his hand..."

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tee hee

Today is don't-use-the-letter-T day, which can be a bit tricky but brings out some really interesting word useage. TASK Write for 10 minutes, using the method described in my intro above and writing whatever comes out – the less direction the better for this one!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Immutable truths

Some things are immutable.
1. I will always have a kitchen drawer crammed full of empty plastic shopping bags, each neatly knotted, because I put way more in there than I ever take out.
2. Regardless of how hot or long the cycle, my dishwasher will never remove that final greasy film from takeaway containers.
3. Every time I send myself an email to remind me about something, I jump in anticipation as the Inbox alert sounds before realising it's only me.
What are your immutable truths?

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


It may not be a good idea to talk to me before my first cup of tea of the day. Whether it's the mental timeout my morning cuppa allows, or simply the gentle dose of caffeine, I'm not sure. What's your comfort drink and why? TASK Write about a time when you've enjoyed your comfort drink of choice, beginning with the words "At last, it was time..."

Monday, 7 October 2013


I love this quote.
"Life is a choice. Psychological pain is not a choice. Either way you go, you will have problems and pain. So the choice here is not about whether or not to have pain. Your choice is whether or not to live a meaningful life."
TASK When have you experienced psychological pain? Write for 10 minutes on the topic. If you need more direction, begin with the words "It hit suddenly and hot."

Sunday, 6 October 2013

White on

I was just thinking about that picture I posted the other day, showing the pearl earring being held by my paint-splattered hands. But what if it wasn't paint, dear reader? What if it was dried milk powder, or baby food, or chalk, or tippex, or cornflour, or even mushed up human bone? What on earth had I been up to? TASK Take yourself on a journey of fantasy, using my hands as your starting point for a murder mystery. Write for 10 minutes, beginning with the words "The whiteness was striking."
Here's the pic again in case you've only just joined us...