Friday, 31 May 2013

Sensory exercise

Go to a public open space of your choice. Close your eyes and listen for five minutes. Notice the sounds, the smells, the air on your skin. Imagine yourself to be a permanent part of this place, watching the world happen around you. Perhaps you're a blade of grass, or a tree. If you're in an urban space, perhaps you're a road sign or a rubbish bin. Now write for 10 minutes on being part of that landscape. What do you see? hear? smell? Weave in what you've noticed during your closed-eye awareness.


  1. Little Brother

    Hello little brother, you passed before I think. There are many of you little brothers now is there not?

    The voice is bass as a cave, yet as soothing as a mother lullaby and full of musty moss green cleanness.

    I see not all of you. You are too fast for me, you are passed in a blink of an eye.
    It takes a while for me to see you brother.
    No one has stopped here for a long time, I almost wondered if you had all gone away somewhere, and the changes were caused by something else.

    The tree is strong, but not really hard. My arse fits so comfortably against the tree and my shoulders whilst complaining slightly at a few sharp bits or bark.

    Brother, can you here me, what is going on. I have stood here a thousand years, and I see little brothers wake. He feels me, I know he does.

    Little brother you must help us, you.

    Wow this tree is alive.

    Where have my brother and sister gone, you hear little brother bird and little brother rabbit over there, sister flowers. What is this around my feet for. Can you hear me?

  2. how exciting. my first post! beautiful work, EW. keep em coming! :)