Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Random acts of creativity

Often the thing that stops us writing is the sheer breadth of choice available to us.

By narrowing this down a little, as in this exercise, you may find it easier to start.

As always, feel free to go wherever your writing takes you, and remember this isn't supposed to create a finished piece, but is offered as a place to start :).  

TASK On a piece of paper, write the letters of the alphabet, one under the other. Now cut up the paper and stick the letters in a hat. Without looking, pick out all the letters, one at a time, lining them up in a row in front of you. Use each of the letters in the same order they came out of the hat to start a sentence as part of a story. For instance, if my first three letters were B K L, I might write "Before it all started, she was happy. Knowing him as she did, she should've known things would go pear shaped eventually. Looking back, the signs were there."

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