Thursday, 6 June 2013

Exploring visceral

Even if you think you know what it means, look up the various definitions of "visceral". Take 10 minutes to write three short scenes titled "Visceral, I", "Visceral, II" and "Visceral, III". They can relate to each other but don't have to.


  1. Visceral I

    As I look up the stars are very bright tonight, what a night to party. I am on show and everyone is looking at me. The music is loud, but distant. Its warm here, lying looking up at the stars. Its a shame about the street lights, but I can still see them clearly enough to make out the major constellations. My heart beats in my ears, as the rush starts to kick in, wow, its like floating. The beat of my heart gets faster and faster, and the crowd of people gather round me as I dance, and I can hear sirens approaching from the distance. Time to leave. People are screaming now, the musics turned off - but still my head is . Why are the cops coming? I try to get up, but the railing through my viscera stops me.

    Visceral II

    SHe had passed by so many times before, that beautiful girl. She often turned and smiled, he tingled and slightly throbbed at the very thought of her. He had never smelt her, or come that close, but he knew her smell would be visceral his biochemical response to her strong. Her image in his mind at night, but even more so to her proximity lit up his endocrine system like a christmas tree. That sometimes things and people could be forgotten, he could not forget her.

    Visceral III

    Their hatred was aimed at political goals, masqueraded as right. To be sure there were some issues on the colony, but racialism - WTF - THis was the first outbreak in a while. Things were tough, and austerity was the modus operandi of every day. In the "shanties" and "favellas" were ripe meat pickings for those willing and knowledgeable enough to recruit them. The militia was whipped into frenzied hatred and conviction, a scary combination. Their manipulation by Sandor was complete - bitched out extreme. Sandor had them believe they were different, and had manipulated and twisted their minds so tightly, that their hatred was annealed in fire of conviction via propaganda and blindness. Their pavlovian visceral hatred was shat out on all those not willing to run, hide, or convert.